Travel for Free

I want you as an Adventure Gal Ambassador. Being an ambassador entitles you to huge trip discounts by referring your friends and family to an Adventure Gal trip. To qualify, all you need is to sign up 2 explorers. Ambassadors & their friends also get invited to special events hosted by The Adventure Gals.

How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up for a scheduled TAG trip and pay 10% deposit.
  2. Spread the word about the trip to people within your circle.
  3. Recruit at least 2 explorers and receive 10% off your trip per wanderer.
  4. Recruit 7 explorers and your trip is free (except for flight).


As an Ambassador, What’s Important?

  • Share 2 posts per month about the trip through social media.
  • There can only be 1 ambassador per trip.
  • You must recruit 2 explorers to receive the 10% discount, otherwise you will receive a $150 referral bonus which can be applied to your trip.
  • The 10% discount applies against the total trip price the explorer pays. So if a explorer pays $3,000 for a trip, $300 will be applied towards your trip.
  • If you can’t recruit 7 additional explorers, no worries, you’ll get a discount for those you did refer and you still get to go on a kick-butt trip.
  • Explorers must make full payment and go on the trip in order for Trip Ambassador to receive discount.
  • Ambassador discounts can only be applied to the trip as a Trip Ambassador. If you wish to refer explorers to other Adventure Gal Trips, you will receive $150 for each wanderer that signs up and goes. This can be credited to a future Adventure Gal trips or paid out in the form of a check. Checks are sent 2 weeks after wanderer completes trip.

If you are interested in becoming a trip ambassador for an upcoming trip, reach out to us