The Azores Field Trip

The Azores Field Trip: Wine, Volcanoes & Happy Cows

This trip is part of our FIELD TRIP series and offers the explorer a relaxed 9-day exploration into the enigma that is The Azores islands. This group of little-known Portuguese islands will astound you with its views, amaze you with its wine, and win your heart with its cows.

This trip will consist of hikes past volcanic cow pastures, wine tastings of volcanic wine, mornings in thermal pools, and a tour of a working pineapple farm just to name a few experiences.

This trip is not for you if you want a polished, highly scheduled 5-star experience. We expect this trip to be fun with a loose itinerary. We actually prefer to schedule ‘roam time’ into all of our trips so you the explorer can take time to do things that interest you when we have an open or empty afternoon.

We also guarantee the following will be found on this trip: sundowner experience, food tour, hiking adventure, thermal pool visit & community meals.

This is from our FIELD TRIP series so prices start around $2200.

50% Desposit Required

Give us $1100 and consider your space saved.

Pico Island - 4 Days

Pico Island is one of 9 islands in the Azores and the only one that is volcanic and full of wine. One of its unique trademarks are the UNESCO vineyards scattered throughout. Look for rows of volcanic rock walls housing vines throughout the island. Our time here will consist of drinking lots of wine (think whites with nice minerality), visiting the natural swimming pools, and hiking around volcanos. This island is peaceful and void of the big tourist crowds found on other islands.

São Miguel Island - 5 Days

For the bulk of this trip, we will explore São Miguel. Our base will be in the town of Riberia Grande and from there we will see a lot. This portion of the trip features several mountain and forest hikes, trips to the hot spring city of Furnas along with tasting its volcanic stew. We will visit handfuls of miradouros (lookouts) and enjoy a sundowner at one of them. There will be a food tour in Ponta Delgada and lots of surprises in-between.

What's Included

All Hotels

Most meals (7 Breakfasts & 8 other meals)


Flights from Sao Miguel Island to Pico Island

Azores company vineyard tasting

Access to Thermal Pool

Food Tour in Ponta Delgada

What's Not Included

Flights to/from Portugal


Personal Expenses


Your Guide Godess

Megan is your guide goddess for this trip. She first went to The Azores in 2022 and is eager to return for more research. Since the Azores are part of Portugal, she can say she has been to Portugal 6 times.

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