2023 Portugal Food & Wine Trip

Fado, Harry Potter & The Birthplace of Port

Portugal is one of our favorite countries. I know, as a travel company, we are supposed to love all of our countries the same but Portugal is such an exciting and mysterious country that we love it a little more than the rest.

Portugal has so much history, so much history. What you know as Portugal came around in the year 1143. In the 1500s & 1600s, they were dominating the seas and colonizing half the world (Brazil, parts of India, and Macau) just to name a few places that speak Portuguese. Goa, India was speaking Portuguese into the 1960s. The beginning of the end for this great country started in 1755 when an earthquake destroyed much of Lisbon on All Saints Day.

This trip is 8 days and covers the main urban centers of Lisbon & Porto with a trip to the Douro Valley, Portugal’s famous wine region. This trip highlights Portugal’s amazing gastronomy and architectural gifts to Europe.

As this trip is only 8 days, you imagine that we cannot possibly cover everything in each city. We will build in ‘roam time’ so explorers can feel free to add their own agenda items if they are not covered in the main tour.

We call this trip a DEBUT as it lays the groundwork for getting to know Portugal and hopefully instilling a love for this country and the desire to return. Other trips we offer are FIELD TRIPS, where we research countries for the 1st or 2nd time and allow you to join those with us and the IMMERSIVE trip series where we go deeper into a single region of a country and stay longer in each place.

This is from our DEBUT series so prices start around $3500.

Desposit Required

Give us $400 and consider your space saved.

Lisbon portugal group trip 2023


Most visitors start their Portuguese experience here. Our 3 days in the capital city will cover many of the ancient neighborhoods like Alfama & Mouraria and include a special pilgrimage to the birthplace of those little custard pastries called pastel to nata. Portugal is a country of food and you can expect to eat (a lot) and well on this journey. We are doing a local food tour that is going to include some national favorites plus there will be stops of wine and petiscos, the Portuguese version of tapas.


Only a short 30-minute train ride from Lisbon is the mysterious castle town of Sintra. With its coiled mountains, exotic gardens, enchanted forests, and pastel-colored palaces, it’s a city torn straight from a fairy tale. Expect to be amazed and humbled at the architecture and views this little city offers.


The Porto leg of this trip leans in heavily to its port past with a port tasting across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia. In addition to the libations that this city has to offer, it is also deep in history. We will go on a walking history tour of this beautiful town and learn about the decline of the Portuguese empire, why they love to tile their buildings and why they eat so much cod. Plus there are visits to the Bolhão market which has been under construction since 2018 scheduled to open in time for our visit (fingers-crossed) and a sundowner event at a Porto park where we will sit back drink wine, eat petiscos and watch a Portuguese sunset. Another special treat is witnessing the Harry Potter inspiration that courses throughout the city including the famous Lello library, caped students, Majestic Cafe, and more.

Douro Valley

No trip to Portugal is complete without at least spending the day in wine country. The Douro valley is unlike any wine region you have ever been to due to its UNESCO world heritage status. Witness its steeply sloping terraced vineyards which cover the hilly landscape and the beautiful Douro river that bisects the region.

What's Included

All Hotels

Most meals (5 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 3 dinners)

Transportation within Portugal


– Tuk-tuk tour in Lisbon
– Lisbon food tour
– Walking history & market tour in Porto
– Port tasting

$200 Towards Future Trips

What's Not Included

Flights to Portugal from the USA


Personal Expenses


Your Guide Godess

Megan will be one of your American guides for the duration of this trip. She has been to Portugal 4 times and has put together this itinerary to help get the most out of your 1st trip.

The cost of this trip is $3500 per person sharing a room. There is a $650 supplement if you would like your own room. Friends, couples, lovers, or however you classify yourselves can save $250 each by registering & staying in the same room. We will do the math and call it $6500 total for 2 people signing up together.

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