TAG 5 Trip Experiences

TAG Top 5 Trip Experiences

To each of us, travel has its own unique DNA. Some people love architecture and seek out places known for it, others love snorkeling and won’t consider places unless the waters are epic. We at The Adventure Gals, TAG, also have our own travel culture and consider some travel experiences mandatory.

Here is a list of our 5 TOP TAG EXPERIENCES. We include all or most of these in each trip we do because we feel they are important elements of Responsible Travel and adhere to our overall mission.



northern lights tour of iceland

Sunsets are some of the best ways to wind down after a day of exploring. If you aren’t seeking out a sunset when you travel, you are not doing it right. Mother Nature offers up sunsets daily, so there is always an opportunity to find one, and finding the best one in your place, can be its own fun challenge.

There is also another benefit besides beauty, sundowners offer a few precious moments to reflect upon your day. What did you see, eat, smell, taste or hear today?

Food Tours


TAG loves a good food tour. Food is one of the quickest ways to get to know a culture. Whether on a TAG trip or your own, seek out a local food tour. Most cities have one. They are usually run by local people who live in the neighborhoods where you go. Bonus points to finding female or minority-owned tours as a way to follow our Responsible Travel credo.



Everybody walks on trips, it’s almost avoidable, but add a little extra to that walk and turn it into a hike. We like activities that elevate our heart rates and hiking can be done in almost any location. If you are in a large city, go on an urban hike. Pick a park or lookout and set out on foot to see it. If you are closer to nature like the woods or mountains, say adios to the cars and exhaust for a couple of hours and escape for some forest bathing.

We know that exploring a new place can sometimes wreak havoc on our diets (I am talking about you pastel to nata) so a couple of hikes will restore the balance and make sure your clothes still fit at the end of your trip.

Hot Springs/Thermal Pools


We are surprised by how many thermal pools there are in the world. Iceland, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, Hungary, and Japan come to mind. Not only are thermal pools fun, but they are also so healthy for your body. They increase blood circulation, reduce stress, improve sleep, and in some cases reduce pain.

Not every place has available hot springs but many places have remnants of bath culture (from Roman times and the Ottoman Empire), so when there isn’t a naturally occurring hot spring, there might be a Hamam (Turkey) or saunas (Finland). Whatever is available, even if it’s in your hotel, do the circuit! Shower, sweat, cold plunge, rest, and repeat.

Community Meals

Day 2 Food Tour 2

For us, travel is about community. When you can’t travel in a group, sometimes community is found at a small restaurant or cafe and sharing something about your life with the people you meet. I have never met a traveler or local I didn’t like. Most are curious and generally happy to meet you. Notice I said traveler and not tourist. We make a huge distinction between a traveler and a tourist.

On a TAG trip, our groups are small, so we can enjoy several community meals and enjoy each other’s company while talking about the day behind us and the one ahead.

See the TAG 5 Trip Experiences in Action on a TAG Trip

The Adventure Gals Mission

The TAG mission is Responsible Travel, the ability to extract more than the top layer from a place and give back to local female & minority-owned businesses whenever possible with our patronage/visits/trips.

We also want to create a community of explorers who will develop relationships with the places we visit and internalize these experiences by turning them into something they will use for the rest of their lives.

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