Pastel Alley Walk in Portugal

Pastel Alley Walk in Lisbon We’re here, Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal.  This city is impossibly gorgeous, in a familiar yet uniquely original way.  I’m smitten immediately.  Colorful, stepped buildings line the hills, cascading into the sea.  The streets flow from the … Read More

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Have Your Own “Age of Discovery:” Discover Portugal This Year

What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Port wine? Fútbol? How about the Age of Discovery, during which the Americas were found? Gear up for your own “Age of Discovery” and discover Portugal’s vibrant cities, Lisbon and Porto. … Read More

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5 Tips on Your 1st Trip to Lisbon

Lisbon is a magical city and you will encounter many a traveler who boasts it’s beauty and charm. This traveler is no different. I loved this city. It’s chaotic and interesting and there is so much to do (outside of … Read More

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