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Karosta Military Prison in Latvia

Karosta Military Prison in Latvia Karosta Prison sits in the North end of Liepaja, Latvia, a very small and sad town. When the hammer & sickle flag flew over Latvia, Karosta was a military compound housing over 40,000 military personnel. … Read More

Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga Latvia

A little-known fact is that Riga is dripping in early 20th Art Nouveau architecture. You wouldn’t know to look at her, but there are hundreds of little hidden gems all over the city. Some are completely restored. … Read More

How to pack for a TAG trip (or any trip)

How to Pack for a TAG Trip (or any Trip)

Packing for travel is an eternal quandary. How many pairs of pants, not to mention shoes? Whether you are coming on an Adventure Gal trip or doing your own thing, here are some tips on how to best optimize your carry-on for your next journey.
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TAG 5 Trip Experiences

The TAG mission is Responsible Travel, the ability to extract more than the top layer from a place and give back to local female & minority-owned businesses whenever possible with our patronage/visits/trips.

We also want to create a community of explorers who will develop relationships with the places we visit and internalize these experiences by turning them into something they will use for the rest of their lives.

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Have Your Own “Age of Discovery:” Discover Portugal This Year

What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Port wine? Fútbol? How about the Age of Discovery, during which the Americas were found? Gear up for your own “Age of Discovery” and discover Portugal’s vibrant cities, Lisbon and Porto. … Read More

Travel Disaster Survival Guide

  There are a couple core truths in the life: death, taxes and travel disasters. I have been to nearly 50 countries and have dealt with them all. Here are the biggest disasters I have had to face and a … Read More

How NOT To Travel

Overpack In my opinion, a cardinal travel sin is bringing too much stuff. I know that everyone wants to look just so and believe a wardrobe change is required 2x day but I want to stress to not overpack. Ignore … Read More

Things I Learned About Training For An UltraMarathon

Things I Learned About Training For An UltraMarathon Let’s get a couple of things straight. I am not a superhuman athlete, just a regular girl who grew up playing golf in Texas. I ran occasionally but never was serious about … Read More

How To Plan Your Next Trip….Anywhere

We have been to 50+ countries collectively and generally travel 2-3 months out of every year internationally,  we try to visit 1-2 new countries or cities each year which makes us a quasi-expert on a trip taking. Figuring out what … Read More

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta