Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga Latvia

Art Nouveau Architecture in Riga Latvia

A little-known fact is that Riga is dripping in early 20th Art Nouveau architecture. You wouldn’t know to look at her, but there are hundreds of little hidden gems all over the city. Some are completely restored (There is a section of town where you can see about 15 different examples, all in pretty good to great condition-Elizabetes Iela), others in precarious states of repair.

We can thank the Soviets for not bulldozing over these architectural wonders and replacing them with their ideas of beautiful utilitarian design.

So, here is a collection of some simply beautiful buildings, entranceways, balconies, and windows. A collection that would make my mom very proud, especially the blue building.

riga latvia

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  1. Mom

    I do like colors other than “Blue” you know……I like Grey and I also like Black…but that could be because they both go so well with Blue…!

    Love the buildings. I think that all things look better with a bit of antiquity about them!

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