Are you a traveler or a skimmer?

Are You a Traveler or a Skimmer?

What does it mean to travel a place? How long must you spend until you understand its story? I don’t think there is a right or wrong amount of time but it’s how that time is spent that matters. Do you hike to the top of a mountain to snap a quick selfie and then walk down or do you spend some time up there looking at the view and thinking of the accomplishment of the hike and all the people who have walked before you or will walk after you? 

I heard this insane statistic. If you asked influencers if they would go somewhere amazing and not be able to take a photo or their phone, 30% of them wouldn’t go. That seems crazy to me. We live so much on the phones that we ignore people just so we can skim our IG feeds or watch tiktoks.

What does it mean to skim a place? I’ve heard it called being a tourist vs being a traveler. It’s the selfie stick generation or the groups of people who simply extract the top layer of resources a place has to offer. I admit many of us were guilty of that in our pasts before we learned how to travel. Skimming is easy. Traveling is hard. It takes time to understand a place’s culture, history, and language. Skimmers only see the surface because that is all they want to see. Travelers develop a relationship with a place and internalize that experience and turn it into something they can use for the rest of their lives. Travelers tell you the story of the place using all 5 senses, skimmers only show you the photos.

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Traveling falls into our mission as a travel company. We believe in Responsible Travel. Simply put Responsible Travel means: Being socially and culturally aware when you travel and understanding your effect on the places you visit and trying to make that effect a positive one.

What Responsible Travel means to TAG is to travel with awareness and be mindful of how our trips will not only change the lives of the people who come with us but how our presence will change the environment of the places we go. 

How we achieve this is by trying to extract more than the top layer from a place and giving back to local female & minority-owned businesses whenever possible with our patronage/visits/trips.

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